Let’s work in your akashic records

There is a natural flow during sessions where your Masters, Teachers, Loved One’s/guides will help move us through messages that will support where you currently are in your life - whether it be about your soul’s purpose, any blocks you’re going through, career, love, health, relationships etc. The records help us tap into knowledge and wisdom to help us understand ourselves better.


“We ask questions to seek guidance, research our soul, to understand our divine gifts. And by asking questions we should

prepare for answers.”

— akashic Light


Akashic Sessions

Open yourself to fully embrace the loving guidance of your Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones as we explore your Akashic Records and investigate the nature of your soul’s purposes.


Channeled Messages

[WAITLIST] Conducted through email only, channeled messages aim to align you with Divine and inspired vision so you may gain an understanding for growth, transformation and discernment based on guidance from your Masters, Teachers and Loved One’s.


The Course

I will be offering an Akashic Records Introduction class for those who are curious about the Akashic Records and would like to dive deeper. The course will be launching in Los Angeles in January 2020. Space is limited.


Guidance & Beyond

The Akashic Guidance Program will be an opportunity to work in a more committed and specialized way. Through our work together in your Akashic Records, we will be able to identify and work through appointed healing objectives, belief patterns, emotional blocks, relationship and connection to spirit and more with intention and focus. This program will launch Spring 2020.